Importers & Exporters of High Quality American Peas & Lentils.
Direct Imports from farmers around the world.

About Seven Seas Agro

Seven Seas, LLC has been established with the concept to provide the highest quality agricultural products from the USA and new emerging nations all over the world.
Seven Seas has a trusted network of buyers along with an unchallenged level of commitment and quality that we maintain on our products. By working directly with generations of farmers it ensures the best quality products.
Our network in India plus the strength of our farmers gives us a great advantage and expertise in Agricultural Commodities.

  • Imported directly from USA farmers & new emerging nations.
  • Huge network of reliable buyers around the world
  • Have offices in USA & in India
  • We ensure best quality products
  • Higher Shelf Life of these products
  • Commitment towards excellence
  • We ensure on-time delivery
  • We are passionate for excellence in our services